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About Us

Aura is an initiative of the University of Hull, working with a group of key industry partners, academia, national, local and regional government as well as other key supporters.

Our vision is to create a world leading offshore wind research, talent and innovation hub.  The main aim of the hub is supporting the developing offshore wind sector towards sustainability, establishing it as a vibrant industry in the Humber – the UK’s Energy Estuary, for the benefit of the region and the country.

Aura will:

Create a world leading, multi-disciplinary offshore wind innovation hub.

By addressing key technical, operational and economic barriers we will drive down the cost of offshore wind energy, support the growth and development of the supply chain for the offshore wind sector and promote and sustain the UK’s status as a world leader in offshore wind.

How we work

Collaboration is not only the driver to all of the work that Aura does, but also pivotal to the way that we’re structured.

In addition, Aura has three steering groups, one to represent each of the three main areas of Aura’s activity.

The role of the steering groups is to drive forward the innovation and development work in order to support and promote the offshore wind energy sector locally, regionally, nationally and globally. These groups provide essential expertise from industry, academia, research institutes, educational bodies, government, local government and NGOs.

More detail on each of the group’s roles can be found below.

Advisory Board

Aura’s advisory board includes senior representatives from industry, local government and NGOs. Meeting twice a year, the Group’s main remit is to provide advice, guidance and challenge on the direction for the Steering Groups and the Aura team.