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Talent Pipeline

Understanding and meeting the needs of the offshore wind industry and helping to deliver on the skills agenda outlined in the Sector Deal.

Aura will establish the ‘go to’ framework for demand-led high quality education and training to meet the skills needs of the offshore wind industry and renewables. We will work with industry to understand sector skill needs, identifying and analysing key roles to create a ‘talent inventory’ of skills and competencies required which will be valuable for both the region and the sector.

A national framework of training ‘pathways’ to meet sector skill requirements will be established based on a holistic approach to skills, providing training that spans the different education stages from university technical colleges (UTCs), through apprenticeships to degree apprenticeships, degrees and higher degrees, continuing professional development (CPD) and executive education.

The recent Government Industrial Strategy green paper confirmed that technical education has been somewhat neglected in the UK. An often-complex array of different technical qualifications, of differing quality, has culminated in a system that is hard to use for both potential students and employers. In particular, there is a skills shortage in those sectors that depend on STEM subjects, meaning an increase in skilled people is needed for the UK to compete successfully in a global economy.